In the place where Cretan wine history began, in Archanes we found
the lost thread of the wine's history, and we bring it
to today:
• With respect to nature
• With innovative actions from the root to the bottle
• By partnering with people of valuable experience, knowledge and passion
• With the ambition to enrich, with a high level of
wines, the wine mosaic of Crete

In the place where Cretan wine history began, in Archanes we find the lost thread of
viticultural history, and we bring it to today:
• With respect to nature
• With innovative actions from the root to the bottle
• By partnering with people of valuable experience, knowledge and passion
• Με τη φιλοδοξία να συμπληρώσουμε, με υψηλού επιπέδου κρασιά, το οινικό μωσαϊκό της Κρήτης

With respect to our roots, vision and knowledge, we aim
to create unique wines.

– Nikos Stathoglou


Μoinoterra: Means the land of Minos ( King of ancient Knossos and Moinoan civilization, which contains the oino(wine). The typology of Moinoterra name & symbol in the name of our company, is intended to highlight the fact that the wine was an integral part of Minoan Crete. Part of which we ourselves are today. The font of our logo, is modern and simple in order initially to put the winery chronologically to today, and then to co-exist harmoniously with the name.

Symbol: We created a unique, timeless monogram symbol that represents the initial letter “M” of the winery's name. The design is based on the morphology of the typographic characters of the linear script B, studying the characteristics of various characters of this script, we made the necessary interventions while respecting the particular typology. The four dots, in addition to their synthetic value, give a sense of curvature which we find as a reference to the ancient vessels of the region. They also symbolize 4000 years of uninterrupted viticulture.

A breath away from Knossos and south of Heraklion, in the shadow of the sacred mountain of Giouchta, in a gentle relief of hills, are the great Minoan vineyards. Here, people have been involved with the vine since forever. And we, from here, pick up the thread again and bring it to today with the aim of producing wines that express their place of origin.

South of Archanes at a distance of 4 kilometers and at an altitude of 555 meters, the archaeologist Spyros Marinatos excavated in 1949 a Minoan farmhouse-mansion from the 16th century BC. This excavation documents the production of wine and olive oil in the Archanon area for 3,700 years.

Very important findings, including an olive press in the west side, large jars and a one of a kind “wine press wine”, which is still in place in the south wing of the cottage.

The vineyards of the PDO Archanes zone are located at an altitude of 400-600 meters. The viticulturist is the one who will give the balance to the vineyard, so that the specific terroir is best expressed, in the specific year. From year to year the conditions change and this makes the process particularly interesting and complex. By choosing 'adult' vineyards over 8 years old, our concern is to keep their yield per hectare low and to get the best fruit.

By getting the best from nature, we manage to intervene as little as possible in the continuity of the process. Both the right time for the harvest and the selection of the fruit, as well as the cultivation care of the year contribute, so that we intervene minimally during the winemaking. And it is at this stage that tradition and innovation meet. Using the knowledge and experience of people, with modern practices and cutting-edge technology, we strive to ensure that each of our wines has its own unique identity, without losing the special characteristics of this place. The practices we use for both winemaking and aging help us create something special: special wines characterized by a sense of uniqueness and continuity.


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Archanes, Heraklion, Crete, 70100

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Two unique plots in the zone of Archanes with loamy lands sloping so as to drain well and which are grown from two local growers with a lot of diligence and passion. The specific plots have the potential for controlled irrigation when and if required to do so. The vines are 7 and 12 years old respectively.

Vineyard in the Place of a Windmill
Coordinates: 35.21579232405628, 25.15240182000024
Elevation: 600

Vineyard in Place of Chosta
Coordinates: 35.22652647044981, 25.146226633674477
Elevation: 470m

Vinification: The harvest took place on August 20 and September 12, followed by classic white vinification with pre-fermenting cryo-extraction. Only the free-run juice was vinified at a controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks.

Tasting: Nose with a strongly floral characteristics , subtle notes of evening primrose. Unexpectedly full-mouthed, being a Muscat, with freshness and mild acidity, sense of unripe melon and wild oregano.

A cool summer blend of Kotsifali and Moschato Spinas from selected vineyards of the Archana area. The grapes that were vinified come from soils of medium mechanical composition of two main types: Sandy clay and Clay loam. A modern and elegant wine in the color palette of the wines of Provence with a floral nose and a rich fatty body.